The Christian Life Is…

When Jesus began the work of bringing the grace and mercy of heaven among people like you and me He said, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men” and He said, “Come and see” and He said, “Seek to do the things heaven says is right and then what is good will be added to your life.”

The Christian life is about knowing who Jesus is.  The Christian life is about understanding Jesus and the journey that he has made for you and me, a journey from birth to death in which he faced and overcame every trial, terror, enemy and obstruction to abundant living. The Christian life is about being filled with the presence of Jesus so that He is our strength, our wisdom, our peace, our comfort and our hope as we face the same trials, terrors, enemies and obstructions to our abundant life. The Christian life is not another religion or another morality or another offer of 10 easy steps to success or to a path to peace. It is about knowing Jesus and growing up in every way to be like Him.

The Christian life is a process. While we are the beloved children of God we are always “becoming” what we are and what love expects of us. That transformation will not happen apart from God’s Word and Community. At New Hope we emphasize, encourage and pray that you to be involved in Worship, Bible Study, Prayer, Fellowship with fellow Christians, Personal Devotions and Service, These are the key works that establish, maintain and mature the Christian life.

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