Our Denomination

New Hope Missions Church is affiliated with the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS) and was birthed in 2010 by its ABLAZE! Initiative which included a plan to start 2,000 new congregations by the year 2017. Despite having “Missouri” in its name, the LCMS is a national church body formed in 1847 which comprises 2.4 million members in more than 6,000 congregations in the U.S. In addition we have ties to numerous “sister” Lutheran churches around the world. Being part of this group enables us to be a part many Christian Universities, Seminaries, mission outposts and relief agencies around the world, publishing entities and numerous other ministry activities that we couldn’t do if we were independent.

Our parent organization is a Biblically conservative body that grounds itself in the Word of God and emphasizes the grace of God for all people. We stand with God’s Word for the sanctity of Life, both at conception and as death nears. We stand with God’s Word for marriage between one man and one woman and that God’s best for us includes sexual intimacy within the commitment of marriage. However, we stand with God’s Word in always holding out the Gospel of grace to all people because all of us fail to love God and neighbor according to the standards that He sets and thus we bring harm to ourselves, others, God’s world and name through our selfishness, weakness, carelessness and stubbornness. We stand with God’s Word as it condemns sin with the curse of death and hell. We hate that we must share that curse and suffer the pain and frustration of living in a broken world where everything that is living will one day die. BUT we rejoice that we stand with God’s Word and have Good News to share! God chose to put His Son, Jesus, under that same curse so that “forgiven” could be His better word to us! We rejoice that God chose to raise His Son from the dead so that “new beginning” could be His better word to us! We rejoice that God offers repentance so that we can be free from guilt, shame and fear and instead be filled with peace, love and hope! We rejoice that we can offer God’s Word as the best way to live, a grace cover, Holy Spirit inspired walk of service here on earth toward an eternity in heaven!

To learn more about the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS), go to: http://www.lcms.org/