Linking with New Hope

There are many resources in our community, across the nation and around the world that can aid your walk with Christ and be an outlet for your gifts, talents, time, treasures and prayers. We have included a sample of sites that we find helpful on this page. Click on any and continue your adventure in the Christian life.

Lookup316Lookup316.comThe Basic GOOD NEWS of Christianity- HOPE for everyone!




The Daily Audio Bibledaily_audio_bible
The easy way to listen to the Bible as it’s read each day. Follow Brian Hardin and the Daily Audio Bible community through the entire Bible in one year.  In only 30 minutes a day, you will hear every word of the WORD.

Free Downloadable Audio Bible

FREE New Testament downloads in over 311 languages. The Audio Bible Download Manager makes it easy to get the entire New Testament to your computer quickly. Download your copy today!



endoflife_gfxEnd of Life Issue
Information on various LIFE issues from a Christian perspective.