Becoming a Membership Partner


Sometimes “membership” has its privileges and sometimes “membership” is not all it’s cracked up to be!

A Member of God’s Family

“Belonging” in the Christian Life is primarily about being chosen by grace to be a child of God and a brother and sister of Jesus Christ. This happens when the Gospel plants faith in someone either at their Baptism or through some other mysterious working of the Holy Spirit.

A Baptized Member

Baptism has also historically added a person to the “roles of the church on earth” (see Acts 2:41). The church assumes responsibility by “keeping track” of the baptized and assisting them as they struggle to remain faithful to Christ along their faith journey.

A Confirmed Member

In addition the church teaches those new to the faith what it means to be and live as a Christian. As a certain point in that teaching, individuals are given the opportunity to publically confirm their Baptismal covenant and join the community as members.  That means mostly that they will be counted on to support the mission of New Hope with their time, talents and treasures before any other Christian mission.

Becoming a Member

If you have an interest in belonging to New Hope contact Vicar Luke Self or email New Hope at: